I have always been lucky enough to have an active imagination and from an early age had a very strong interest and fascination with many art forms and displays of visual expression. I dabbled with paint and pencils for a brief period until the reality dawned. I was no Michelangelo.

In 2009 I bought my first DSLR and from there I had found a connection, my companion that I could use to bring my ideas to life !

My name is David Irwin and I’m a Visual Artist..

I take inspiration from everywhere and just about everything. My pictures usually start with a basic concept, a simple idea that I develop over time. From here, location, props and wardrobe are added. These elements are all then shot together or individually using artificial and natural light before they are finally blended together in post production to tell a story or portray an emotion.

I love to alter the confines of normality and reality in my pictures where possible, which is why my preference is to shoot outdoors in nature as much as I can. This can be challenging during the winter months when you live on the west coast of Ireland, which is why I spend the shorter evenings mixing things up a little with some indoor and studio work.

I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course Email. To say hello or connect with me, please take your pick from the links above.